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We are now buying FIFA 16 coins on PS 4 and Xbox One. If you have more than 10K on PS 4 or Xbox One. Sell to EasyFUT and get paid instantly!

We're one of the biggest coin distributors and have a lot of connections in industry. We sell 1,000M-5,000M FIFA 15 coins per day through EasyFUT website and many other resellers. Many suppliers rely on us to sell all of their coins and get paid with no hassle. Demand for FIFA 16 coins is growing rapidly these days, that's why we need to buy from you guys.

How it works

1. We will login to your account to transfer your coins to our mule account.

2. You need to tell us your account info including Web App Email, Web App Password, FUT Secret Answer, Backup codes. (What are Backup Codes? CHECK HERE)

3. Once the deal is done, you can have your account back. Change password and everything and then continue making more coins to sell to EasyFUT

How to get paid

After we have transferred your coins, we will send payment instantly via PayPal.

Account Safety & Security

1. It's Fully Guaranteed that your account info, valuable players & remaining coins will stay 100% safe, secure and untouched. Anything lost on your account will be compensated by EasyFUT immediately.

2. All coin transfers are made by buying and selling players at normal prices from one account to another, they're all natural transfers that happen a million times every minute in game. So your account will be 100% safe.


If you don't really want to provide your account info, you can come to our LiveChat and tell us to list some bronze players, so you can just buy those bronze players to sell your coins. But this way your payment will be deducted by 5%.

Contact us:

24/7 LiveChat Support. Click on the red button in the bottom right corner of every page.

Where do I sell my coins?

CLICK HERE to sell your FIFA 16 coins for Xbox ONE
CLICK HERE to sell your FIFA 16 coins for PS4


Instant payment through PayPal or other payment methods of your choice.