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Buy Safe Accounts Filled with Coins and Players!

7/2/2015 11:32:53 PM

Hi everyone, 

TOTS has come to an end, during that one and a half months, tens of thousands of people have bought mule accounts from us. However, there're also a lot of people who choose to get coins from us by selling their unwanted players. We have bought a ton of TOTS, TOTW, MOTM, Record Breaking players on over 200 accounts. Almost all of those accounts still have some mils of coins and players left, so today we have decided to put them up for sale. We will also save some for future giveaways. So stay tuned. 

These accounts have been kept for almost 2 months and have always been safe and secure. So be rest assured to buy one. 

The following videos are recorded from some of those accounts, check to see what players we have on those accounts. 



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