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How can we transfer Xbox coins faster on your account?

5/6/2015 7:28:35 PM

Hi everyone, 

If you buy Comfort Trade service from us in our Xbox section, we will have to login to your account to transfer the coins for you. But when we try to login to your account, it keeps asking for a verification code that has been sent to your email, without that code we wouldn't be able to login to your account. 

So in order to login to your account without any problems, we need you to follow the steps below to change something on your Xbox Live account, then the verification code won't be required to login to your account. 

1. Sign in to your Xbox Live account at any Xbox.com page. 

2. Find and select "My Account", which may be located in the upper-right corner under your gamertag or in the left navigation pane under Avatar. 

3. Select "Security, family & forums". 

4. Select "Xbox 360 profile protection". 

5. Under "Xbox 360 consoles that don't require your password at sign-in", select "Require Profile Download" (the green button). This will clear your profile from any Xbox 360 consoles where it's currently saved. 



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