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How to receive your coins within 5 minutes at EasyFUT

10/29/2014 4:47:34 PM

Hi everyone, 

As most of you know that EasyFUT has been constantly focusing on Easy & Quick Delivery since day one. It is also one of the main reasons that sets us apart from our competitors. All the time we've been able to deliver coins within 5 minutes on 90% of our orders. But our ultimate goal is 100% of them done within 5 minutes. So today we would like to take a step further to guide you through our delivery procedure, and share with you some crucial tips on how to receive coins almost instantly at EasyFUT.

5 Common Mistakes In Order
Before we share with you the tips, it's important to let you know why the 10% of orders cannot be delivered within 5 minutes, and how are we going to deal with these orders. After sending hundreds of thousands of orders, we've compiled 5 major reasons:
1, Incorrect FUT name
2, Incorrect Time Remaining (Transfer Duration)
3, Incorrect Player Name
4, Incorrect Buy Now Price
5, No Buy Now Price or No Player Found

FUT name is your ultimate team name, it can be found on top left of your console screen. Some people often change FUT name and forget about it, then put in a FUT name that he previously used, then we can't find the player, this is the most common case among all the delayed orders. Same thing could happen to Time Remaining (Transfer Duration), people usually set duration to 3 days when listing the player but then put in 3 hours in the order, or list for 3 hours and put in 3 days in order, then it will take longer for us to find the player. In some other cases, people got too casual on typing player names, we've seen wrong spellings, missing letters and everything, some people even put in their own names, then it will take forever for us to find the player. When it comes to the Buy Now Price, some people would just forget to set a Buy Now, or just totally forget about the listing, then how are we supposed to find the player? Our advice here is to list the player BEFORE you place the order. 

What Do We Do With These Orders
If we can't find your player on the market, we will try few more times in the next 30 minutes, If still nothing, we will first wait couple of hours for you to come to our 24/7 LiveChat Support. If you don't show up on LiveChat, we will then send emails to inform you of the situation (we will NEVER spam your inbox with Ads)

So Here Comes The Important Tips: 
1, If you don't receive your coins in 30 minutes after purchase, BE SURE to come to our 24/7 LiveChat Support by clicking the red button in the right bottom corner of each page. Our LiveChat agents will be happy to assist you until you receive your coins. 
2, Triple check your FUT name, player details, Buy Now Price, Time Remaining etc before you proceed to Paypal. 
3, BE SURE to put in an email that you will actually check. We will NEVER spam your inbox with Ads, but will only contact you when we can't find your player. 

Ok, those are the 3 tips we want to share with you today. We hope EVERYONE of you will receive coins within 5 minutes at EasyFUT and we will continue working on achieving this goal. If you have read this long boring article this far, please leave a comment below and tell us what are the 3 tips, then you will have a good chance to win 200K coins on any console! Thank you!

The EasyFUT Team



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