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Gullit Giveaway

4/14/2015 5:36:53 PM

Hi everyone, 

As you know now most players are near to impossible to sell on the Transfer Market thanks to the Price Ranges, that's why we offer the Junk Player Service in which we buy any of your players instantly, so you no longer have to wait for your unwanted players to convert into coins. It seems many people like the idea, because we've bought all kinds of high-rated players like Ronaldo, Messi and so on, even those legend players on Xbox like Gullit. 

Now we got many happy customers who cashed in with our help, but the problem has emerged on our end. What do we do with these players? It's been weeks and they won't seem to sell even at the minimum prices? Should we just discard those legend players since nobody is buying them? Hmm... maybe not, maybe people still want them but it's just because they don't have the coins to buy them? So why not just give them away? 

That's how this giveaway came to be. We're not so sure how many of you still want free legend players though, so we decided to put this account up for grabs, it has legend Gullit, Crespo and some other legend players to be unveiled soon. If you want to have them on team, for free, please leave a comment below.

LATEST UPDATE: We also have FIGO & WEAH on that account.
LATEST UPDATE: And IF Ibra. So now we have GULLIT, CRESPO, FIGO, WEAH & IBRA. Giving away this account soon, stay tuned!

Hey guys, we've read each of all your comments here, actually we read all your comments on forums & social media every day, as we always strive to provide the best possible services and improve ourselves. We can feel each of you out there. Thank you guys for your enormous support! Much appreciated as always! 



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