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2.8M Xbox Account Giveaway

7/22/2015 7:53:58 AM

Hi everyone, 

If you're a regular visitor on EasyFUT.com, you should have realized that we've done a lot of giveaways on the site, and most of the giveaways are for PlayStation. It seems Xbox players are not happy about this. After many people requested, today we've decided to do a huge giveaway for Xbox. 

Just like what we did on PS, we're about to give away one of our accounts filled with coins and players, they're called coins+players accounts, which have been kept in stock for over 2 months and have always been safe and secure. We got these accounts by buying our customer's unwanted players. But one man's trash is another man's treasure, so there must be people who're in pursuit of these accounts. We have many accounts of this kind, and they will be put up for sale soon after this giveaway. Keep in mind that one of these accounts may have a player that's worth 1mil+, and that player is free of charge.

Ok, back to the giveaway. If you want to take a look at the account we're about to give away first, here's a video on it. 

To win this account you don't have to buy anything, everyone has a chance to win if you just: 
1. Like our Facebook page (Just click on the "Like" button below)
2. Share This Post (You can just share from the embeded post below)

Ok, here comes an Xbox account giveaway after many requested. It has 2.8mil and 9 players on it. Everyone has a fair...

Posted by Easyfut.com on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Or if you have Twitter, you can also submit your entry simply by: 
1. Follow us on Twitter (Just click on the "follow" button below) 
2. Favorite & Retweet (You can just do it from the embeded tweet below)

UPDATE: 12 Candidates Are Here! 

Today we have randomly picked 12 candidates from all of you who entered the giveaway. Thank you for all your support! The 12 candidates will be put on a wheel to decide which one of them wins that Xbox account with 2.8mil coins and 9 players. The 12 candidates are: 

Samuel Johansson
Emil Hartman
Jacob Punter
Simon Roos
Kevin Paton
Marius Andre Jakobsen
Isak Arwand
Aleksandar Mitev
Amir Kobarista
Kevin Avdal
Aaran Poole
Connor Reece Baines

UPDATE: The Winner Is Here! 

The winner has been randomly picked on the wheel, and he is: Kevin Paton, Check the video below to find out how we picked the winner. 

Kevin Paton

Now this giveaway is closed, if you didn't win, don't worry, another giveaway is coming soon! Stay tuned! 



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