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How to buy FIFA 16 coins?

9/29/2015 8:23:40 AM

If you're looking to buy some FIFA 16 coins, you can easily get some from EasyFUT by using the following transfer methods. These are by far the safest and most natural methods to get coins in FIFA 16. 

Player Auction
We're going to buy your unwanted players to send you the coins. Choose the amount of coins you desired on our website. List a player which has a maximum price that's higher than the amount of coins you wanted. Like if you choose to buy 40K coins. List a player with maximum price of 40K or more, but remember to set Buy Now Price as 40K when you list him, and set a unique Start Price, so that it would be easier for us to find your player on the market. We will buy that player instantly on the market to send you the coins. 

Multi Player Auction
If you have some better players with maximum prices of more than 10K, you can sell them to us instantly in this Junk Player section to get coins. Like if you have Filipe Luís, he has a price range of 800-15,000 coins. You can list him up for 15,000 then submit player info from our Junk Player section. When we receive your order, we will search for your player using the info you submitted and buy him instantly. It's a lot easier to sell your unwanted players in this section, because you can sell multiple players at one time, and you don't have to come to our LiveChat to tell us the player info. By the way, you can also sell your 10K bronze players in this section if you want to. 

Comfort Trade
If you don't have any players or don't know how to do all this stuff. Just let us go on your account, we will do all the work for you. You will have to hand over your web app email, web app password, your FUT security answer and your Backup codes. Backup codes are required when we login to your account from a different location. We won't store your backup codes at EasyFUT and it's Guaranteed that your Account will stay 100% safe & secure. 

Mule Account
Buying a mule account is always the easiest way to get coins. Thousands of people have bought mule accounts from us in FIFA 15. But currently in FIFA 16 we're only selling mule accounts with 100K or more on them. So if you want to buy less than 100K coins, or if you want to buy coins on your own account, you have to choose transfer methods above. 



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We offer you quick FIFA 16, 15 or 14 coin delivery round the clock daily. EasyFUT is your 24 hours solution for the best and most reliable coin service.

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