Sell To Us
Over the years we have bought hundreds of thousands of US dollars worth of coins from players. If you have some extra coins that you want to get rid of, sell it to us and get paid via PayPal instantly. The PayPal fees will be covered so the price you're offered is the amount of money you will actually receive from us. Most importantly, we always keep our buying prices as high as possible, because there's a huge demand behind us, we sell not only on our website to mass players, but also sell in bulk to retailors. So be rest assured to cash out your extra coins here at EasyFUT.
Easy, Safe & Reliable
Trusted by thousands of people, 100% reliable service guaranteed! 24/7 Online service.
Instant Payment
After trade, you will receive the payment instantly through PayPal.
How to sell?
To discuss a deal, simply click the Facebook Messenger ball in the lower right-hand corner of every page.